About Tishki Gasha (TGS)

Welcome to Tishki Gasha School (TGS), where education meets excellence. Established in 2022 and nestled in the vibrant city of Erbil, we are proud to be a leading institution offering a dynamic and enriching educational experience.

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Our teachers develop children's skills.

Sport lessons

Drawing lessons

Music lessons

History lessons

Nature lessons

Math lessons

Highly Qualified Educators: At TGS, we take pride in our team of dedicated and highly qualified educators. Our teachers are not only experts in their respective fields but also passionate about nurturing young minds. They bring their enthusiasm and expertise into the classroom every day.

Expertise: TGS teachers are experts in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, and experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive top-tier instruction.

Passion for Teaching: Teaching isn't just a job for our educators; it's a calling. They are passionate about imparting knowledge, sparking curiosity, and nurturing the potential of each student.

Innovation: TGS teachers embrace innovative teaching methods and keep up with the latest educational trends. They incorporate technology and interactive techniques to create engaging and dynamic learning experiences.



Tishki Gasha School (TGS) envisions a world where education transcends borders, nurturing students into compassionate global citizens. Our vision is to provide an inclusive, innovative, and bilingual learning environment, fostering critical thinking, cultural appreciation, and lifelong curiosity. We aim to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to excel academically and make positive contributions to a diverse, interconnected world. At TGS, we celebrate each student's uniqueness, instilling a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom, ultimately shaping the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.


Tishki Gasha School's mission is to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, cultural appreciation, and holistic development. We are committed to delivering high-quality education through innovative teaching methods, a flexible curriculum, and dedicated educators. Our goal is to empower students with bilingual proficiency, critical thinking skills, and a global perspective. We prioritize active engagement, personalized learning, and a safe, inclusive atmosphere. By preparing students for a rapidly changing world, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility, leadership, and a lifelong love of learning.


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